Thanks for your interest in learning more about this digital learning module called Thriving with Stress: Your Resilient Divorce.

A Bit of History

Dr. Frank Wood developed the core curriculum, called Thriving with Stress nearly 5 years ago and has built a team of trainers who offer this training in a live format.

A couple of years ago, Dr. Frank was working with a client (who is now a friend) to offer support during a challenging custody episode and realized that the training helped his friend.  And so, Dr. Frank and his team decided to develop this digital re-format of the live Thriving with Stress training which we call Your Resilient Divorce.


In the learning module, taught by Dr. Frank, you can expect to learn a great deal about your personal stress and it impacts how you interact with others.  You will learn some new terms like the “mind-body connection,” the “stress spin cycle,” and a framework about stress that Dr. Frank calls Rampitude.

You will begin to see yourself and better understand those moments when you are “stressing out” (this is where the idea of a “stress spin cycle” comes to help).  In those moments of stressing out, and they happen to all of us sometimes, you act more like an off-balance clothes washing machine, rattling and bumping than your settled, calm self.  More important, though, you will also learn a couple of practical tools that will help!

Learn from Dr. Frank

You will receive direct digital training from Dr. Frank as he leads you through learning new concepts and completing each of the exercises.  Dr. Frank speaks directly to making the decision in the middle of stress—he calls it the “stress response lifecycle”—in order to apply the skills taught in this training.  You will find that Dr. Frank almost becomes a teacher and a coach.  This is why he has been called “Stress Boss.”

Learn through Exercises

The exercises will teach you in simple and practical ways how you can learn to be the best version of you, even with the challenges that come with life, such as the life transition of divorce. 

Learn through Examples

Within the program you will be introduced to a character named “Sadie” who will be experiencing the program along with you.  Sadie’s experience will allow you to learn from another perspective.

It is this framework on stress that Dr. Frank calls Rampitude.  On the path from “OK” to “not OK” there are 10 things that happen.  Dr. Frank calls these “Off-Ramps.”  With these off-ramps you will learn how to get off your path to stressed out. 


The great thing is that this can become a new way for you to leverage those times when demand or pressure are high (i.e., when stressful stuff happens).  And this is when you will realize, if you are like the thousands we have trained so far in our live training, that you will thrive!!

Some Logistics

The training requires four weeks to complete and is paced for optimal learning, almost like a time-released medicine.  During the four weeks, you will be and encouraged to bring the lessons you learn to life at home, at work, and in your relationships.

As an important part of the Your Resilient Divorce training, we also include homework.  The homework offers you an additional way to learn and is IMPORTANT for your learning.


As a training team, we respect that each of us gets married with the best of intentions and understand that divorce is and can be challenging—we are faced with the loss of a relationship that at one point was filled with positive intentions.


The Your Resilient Divorce training can help put you in the driver’s seat when you consider your interactions with others and will help you deal with or cope more productively with the changes and challenges that come.  You will find an improved ability to interact productively with your ex, your extended family, your co-workers, and with the sense of loss that accompanies divorce (even on those occasions when conflict is alive and well).


It is our hope for you that this training help you learn how to leverage your own stress, work with your stress, and ultimately learn the possibility and value of Thriving with Stress!

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