In 2016, over 800,000 marriages in the U.S. ended in divorce*

For many, divorce means stress.  That’s not surprising.  And yet all that effort to maintain calm just does not really help with the emotions or the feeling of loss.  Thriving with Stress: Your Resilient Divorce is a digital learning module that teaches you how to thrive in the face of that stress.

Perceived Stress Scale for Divorce

  • In the last month, as you consider your relationship, how often have you been upset because of something that happened unexpectedly?
  • In the last month, as you consider your relationship, how often have you felt ...   


*According to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics





Learn about your own stress level

Dr. Frank has modified the previously published Perceived Stress Scale* and now Thriving with Stress offers you a 10-question Perceived Stress Scale for Divorce.  Your results from this quiz will help you visualize your stress “zone” as it relates to your divorce.  Not only will you gain insights into your current stress level, but your personalized report will also offer practical resources that can help! 

* modified with permission: Cohen, S., Kamarck, T., & Mermelstein, R. (1983). A global measure of perceived stress. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 24, 385-396.

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Chapter 1: Discover

  • It Starts With The Stress Response
    • Identifying What Stresses You - Your THAT
  • A New Framework On Stress
    • A New Way To Approach Stress
  • Applying This New Framework On Stress
    • The 2-Part Map
  • Completing The 2-Part Map
  • Making Sense Of The Mind-Body Connection
    • Understanding The Mind-Body Connection
  • Using The Moment To Leverage Stress
    • Components Of Effective Performance
  • Making Sense Of Lessons Learned - Part 1
  • Chapter One Summary
  • Chapter One Homework


Chapter 2: Identify

  • Revisiting Chapter One
  • The Importance Of The Mind-Body Connection
  • Remembering It Is Your Reaction To Stress That
    Causes The Trouble
  • How-I-Want-The-World-To-Be Map
  • Exploring What Triggers The Stress Response
    • The 5 Whys
  • Realizing the Importance Of The 5 Whys
    Exercise - Identifying Your Core Drivers

    • Considering Core Drivers
    • A Question About Your Core Driver
  • How You Brain Works With Stress
    • Reviewing The Quest For Safety
    • About Discharging Stress
  • Making Sense Of Lessons Learned - Part 2
  • Chapter Two Summary
  • Chapter Two Homework
Chapter 3: Reset

  • Revisiting Chapter Two
    • Investigating The Idea Of Core Drivers
  • Staging Your Ability To THRIVE!
    • The Impact Of A Reset Mind-Body Connection
  • Your Stress "Spin Cycle"
    • Negative-Thought Map
  • Learning the Stress “Spin Cycle"
    • The Wish-To-Fix Map
  • Respecting The Stress "Spin Cycle"
    • Unpacking The Stress "Spin Cycle"
  • Two More Tools: Thought Labeling and Urge
  • Making Sense Of Lessons Learned - Part 3
  • Chapter Three Summary
  • Chapter Three Homework

Chapter 4: Grow

  • Revisiting Previous Chapters and Homework
    • Stress As A Performance
  • Stress Done Well Brings Flavor To Life
    • The-How-I-Want-To-Be Map
  • The Impact Of Stress On Who You Think You
  • A Tool To Engage Your Best Self
    • Using The Consider The Opposite Tool
  • Connecting The Lessons Learned
  • Chapter Four Summary









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